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James Ewens, Head of e Commerce, Furniture Box

“Marketing cost vs turnover: a customer centric approach to data”

With the end of third party tracking in sight how will ecommerce companies analyse and track consumers and their behaviour if tracking their journey is harder. This session will discuss how to get around this; using the data you do have and getting ahead of the curve; making the data work for the company.

  • The problem – the end of tracking
  • TACOS/MER – an old school metric, relevant again.
  • Why TACOS?
  • How FurnitureboxUK uses TACOS
  • What does the future hold?

Filip Janczak, Marketing Manager, Bluebella

“Innovations in digital marketing & social media”

In light of IOS 15 how can companies connect, use data & analytics from your site through different marketing channels. How it all affects your digital marketing?

  • Creating the right, personalised content at different stages to push customers down your sales funnel
  • Automated marketing – creating quality content and driving engagements through social media sites
  • The value of ads and what can happen to sales when you turn them off
  • Creating positive messages and brand associations alongside kidnapping customers!
  • Do you have to be sustainable? How does this impact revenues?

Anouk Brown MSc, EU Head Of Marketing & Digital at AAMP Global

“The Executive’s Guide to Digital Transformation”

Digital transformation is a popular industry buzzword, but a difficult concept to master as it covers so much ground. As a leader, it is your responsibility to ensure that your organisation remains competitive and use digital transformation to grow and innovate.

This session will define digital transformation, detail its potential, and outline ways in how it manifests across a variety of industries and can become part of your business strategy too.

  • How important is Digital Transformation, really?
  • The Digital Transformation Life Cycle
  • Meet Your Digital Transformation Capability Model
  • Key Drivers for Digital Transformation Success
  • Conclusions, Take-Aways and Questions