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Andy Letting, Head of Digital, GLH.

AI: revitalising and automating email marketing

Demonstrating how AI enhances the customer journey through email and how the data enables modern day marketer to make the right decision faster

  • Digital Recap
  • What is AI
  • What is Marketing Automation
  • Content Strategy
  • Maximising email conversion

Chris Baldwin, VP Marketing, Zoovu

A Cry For Help: Simplify my decision and take my money

Online conversion rates are 7x lower than in brick-and-mortar stores. With so much choice available on digital channels, consumers often fall victim to “choice overload”. How can you simplify the search experience to help shoppers buy?

  • Why ‘choice overload’ is the biggest problem facing shoppers in all categories
  • The fastest way to increase digital sales by 211%
  • Why traditional commerce strategies are no longer enough
  • How to transform the search experience to simplify decision making and increase purchase confidence by 71%

Nick Sohi, Head of eCommerce & Performance, Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd

Optimising Trading Performance

The purpose of the presentation is to provide an overview of how best to align the customer journey to customer demand.

  • Data Usage
  • Aligning the customer mindset to onsite merchandising
  • A/B testing / Reporting
  • Improving traffic quality

Conor McGrath, Head of Clients, UK and Nordics & Katharine Biggs, Content & Marketing Manager, parcelLab

The largest untapped Digital Marketing channel: how retailers are ignoring customers post-checkout and why this needs to change.

  • Post-purchase experience
  • Untapped marketing channel
  • 100 top fashion UK retailers and their customers post-checkout journey
  • Customer engagement
  • Why personalised delivery communications?