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Paul Newton, Owner, MentalTheft

“I can steal your sh1t!”

If you dare to join my audience, I will steal your information in front of you – then I will point you in the right direction to do something about it.

  • Could you stop a Mind Reader from stealing your passwords?
  • Stopping online scammers and fraudsters quickly and easily!
  • Your tech may be secure, but are your people? In our growing online world you need both!
  • The public speaker that will steal your sh1t!
  • The more we go online, the more robust your people need to be!

Alice Tapper, Campaigner, Author and Founder, Go Fund Yourself / #regulateBuyNowPayLater

“The next generation: ethics and responsibility in the age of smart payments”

Drawing on her experience as a financial campaigner, Alice discusses the changing and merging landscapes of social media, e-commerce and payments with an emphasis on the changing demands of Gen Z and Millennials

  • Blurring boundaries
  • The demands of Gen Z and Millennials
  • Smooth payments vs safe payments
  • Buy Now Pay Later
  • How to do it right

Duarte Garrido, Global Head of Social Media, Coca-Cola HBC

“How to leverage social media to gain trust”

Distrust is now society’s default emotion, and the biggest threat to marketers and business leaders. As a small company trying to win, or a big company fighting for relevance, you should be focused on winning the trust of your customers, employees, and shareholders. My advice? Start with social media.