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Alice ter Haar, Founder & Chief Unicorn, Badass Unicorn

“Grow like a Badass Unicorn”

Each of us has the potential to grow as fast and big as $1billion Unicorn start-ups. All we need is personal development so that we can ignite our best possible selves…

  • In this 30-min interactive and practical keynote, you’ll learn how to apply the growth strategies of the world’s most inspiring businesses to turbo-charge your personal growth.
  • This session is a whistle-stop self-awareness and self-empowerment tour where you’ll reconnect with the most important ingredient for personal and professional success – yourself.
  • The output? The self-awareness and motivation to take your potential by the (unicorn) horn by being your most badass self.
  • This session is run by Alice ter Haar, who after spending four years at one of Europe’s fastest growing scale-ups, Deliveroo, now shares this first-hand experience of building a Unicorn company to inspire others.

Janis Thomas, Ecommerce & Marketing Director, Look Fabulous Forever

Are your assumptions about your customer limiting your success?

Many brands talk about diversity, but still focus on millennials and Gen Z. 65+s are the fastest growing group in ecommerce and many have more income than their younger counterparts…

  • You are not your customer: overcoming your biases
  • How to understand your customer and leverage that insight
  • Accessibility: how do you open your experience to all customers?

Panellists: Tony Bevilacqua, Founder & CEO, Cognitive3D, Katrine Konyher, Marketing Specialist, Khora and Olga Dogadkina, CEO, Emperia
Moderated by: Chris Gunby, Member Relationship Manager, AIXR

“Redefining the Retail Industry: Adoption of Augmented and Virtual Reality in Ecommerce”

The rise of VR/AR Technology is about to redefine the retail industry – and businesses will need to adapt in order to thrive in this new era of ecommerce. Join AIXR for an exclusive eTailing Summit Insights Live where our panel of experts will be exploring the adoption of augmented and virtual reality within eCommerce.

  • Rise of VR/AR technology in Retail/eCommerce
  • Use cases of VR/AR technology in eCommerce
  • Benefits to Adoption
  • Challenges to adoption and how these can be overcome

Claire Harper, Non Executive Director, Blue Diamond Garden Centres and Marketing and Sponsorship Lead, London Pulse Netball Club

Surprise and delighting customers

Claire has worked for a number of retailers and will share her experience and stories to succeed in capturing the hearts and minds of new and loyal customers. Claire will also ensure your brand continues to adapt and develop its customer strategy in a constantly changing multi-channel and digital retail market.

Claire is also very passionate about change management and leadership. Why leading from the front, embracing change, developing talent and empowering colleagues is a good recipe for achieving success with a highly motivated, positive and energetic team. Finally, how to deal with the rollercoaster ride of creating and establishing your own business and drawing on the challenges that inspire and help you to push the boundaries.